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Everyone should go be on Facebook now and pay attention to everything I do, because I'm too lame and boring and lame to post any real content anymore and yet I still desperately need constant attention delivered to my Inbox in the form of e-mails notifying me that people have commented on things I have posted.

I'm working my second job at the bookstore right now. I am reading the book Our Guys, which is about a retarded high school girl who was tricked into having sex with like eight guys at her highschool, and they also shoved a baseball bat up her snatch apparently. They made a movie about it for TV that starred Heather Matarazzo.

There are tons of vintage spank mags for sale here. Like literal spank mags, about spankings. If I had more money right now I would buy some. One of them is called Maitresse and has a picture on the cover of a guy with saggy balls and a big gaping asshole bent over with a very angry Domme woman lording over him and snarling.

So yup. That's it.
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